Sunday, March 04, 2012

Java Jazz Festival

On Thursday when I was asked if I go to JavaJazz, I said that I choose Focus & Book Fair this weekend. That was until my cousin asked if I wanted to join her on Friday night.

We arrived at PRJ Kemayoran rather late. The President had arrived earlier to see Herbie Hancock. We went to see Bobby McFerrin. I enjoyed his performance. He collaborated with his son, Taylor, and also with our own Dwiki Darmawan and Balinese Gamelan. It was fab!

On our way to see Julliard Jazz Trio we met a journo who happened to be my cousin's friend. He asked permission to use my pic of Bobby McFerrin for his piece. Since people were already queueing up for Al Jarreau, I accompanied my cousin standing in line for a while before catching up LLW (Lesmana, Likumahuwa and Winata) at Hall A3. They collaborated with Dira Sugandi & Maurice Brown. 

Afterward, I saw Julliard Jazz Trio. Ron Carter's interpretation of You Are My Sunshine was wonderful. When they finished, I was torn between The Manhattan Transfer and Medeski, Martin and Wood who started 15 minutes apart. I went to see Manhattan Transfer first, but only stayed for 1 song before going to see MMW.

I saw MMW back in Melkweg before, I might be biased but I think they played better in Jakarta. Then again I was in a weird place/situation back in the days. Had a great time watching them. For some reason, I saw relatively more foreigners watching them than when I was watching other performers. While waiting for my cousin I saw a bit of D'Sound and Robert Randolph.

I have to note that sound-wise, North Sea Jazz in Rotterdam are much better than Java Jazz. During Bobby McFerrin show we could hear the music from the next hall which was rather annoying. He also experienced mic problem while singing one of his songs. I didnt enjoyed Robert Randolph that much because it was too loud for my liking and I was already tired.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Old Hollywood Make Up Tutorial

By the look of it, they used golden ratio when putting on make up. Good thinking.