Saturday, July 19, 2008

on pain

There's a point in my life when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia amongst others. I soldiered through it when some people accused me of having psychosomatic pain or saying that it defines who I am. I just wish them well, hopefully they never have the pleasure of having one or god forbid, experiencing the same treatment from others.

I visited doctors all over the Netherlands, collecting hospitals IDs as I went. Practically I did what ever they suggested: pain clinic, meds, meditation, acupuncture, sport, physiotherapy, changing the way I eat, talk, move. Eventually the pain subsided. It takes ages to where I was back in April this year, just as my neurologist told me, but I could say I was almost pain free for a while, despite all the stress I was having.

The thing is, in the last month or so the pain return.

The fact that I am having a nasty bout of flu at this very moment making things worst. I know this too will eventually pass. But I just want to vent a bit. I hope it's a momentary thing and not a relapse. Tho, I cant help but to feel a bit smug when I wonder what they are gonna say this time about me having psychosomatic pain?