Thursday, June 13, 2013

Eavesdropping: Boots, Magic Jar, Trip

I had a meeting at one of ministerial buildings this morning and had my lunch in their canteen. Not long came two ladies from a neighbouring office and shared my table.

I was just eating my lunch while checking my cell every now and then and listening to their conversation:
+ just bought my boots with the help of X in Bandung.. very cheap only IDR 300K. 
- I'm just going to wear my sneakers
+ you should get a pair of boots, too. It'll look good on pictures
- Oh, right.. boots'll look good on pictures... we are there when it's almost cold, right? we could go to Bandung for a shopping trip
(I was wondering where they are going and when)
+ Yes, you could also check out Ambassador mall, they also have jackets
(I wanted to give them tips where to get winter clothing but felt rude to eavesdrop)
- Ambassador mall is a bit expensive
(they talked about small stuff and I was more interested in my cell at this time)
- I have a small magic jar that I'm going to take with us, we could cook 1 liter rice in it
+ Great, bring it
- Not sure if it was enough for the 6 of us, maybe we could cook twice
+ Yes, it's expensive over there
(By then I was curious where they are going that they need to bring a rice cooker I slowed down my eating)
+ I heard that food is not that great in Hongkong, unlike in Mainland China

Ok, after finding out they are going to HK, I finished my meal and left. 
Why would you bring a rice cooker to HK? I could understand if you are going to, say, Alaska where there might not be that many chinese/japanese restaurant. Hongkong!