Friday, December 27, 2013

My Current Mantra

Anicca anicca anicca

*Pali for impermanence

Sunday, December 01, 2013

How to Travel After a Fracture

One rainy night toward the end of October I slipped when I tried getting into the bus. It started to swell pretty quickly, as soon as I arrived home I put on Thrombopop (a salve against swelling) and param kocok (traditional concoction for bruising) and wrapped it tightly.

The next day I went to the hospital, got an xray, and yes, another hairline fracture. This time on my left cuboid bone. The doctor said I didnt need any cast, just properly wrapped it and no high heels.

Two days later I was at the airport, checking in. I asked the person in charged if I was allowed to board along with family with kids. She asked why, and I told the story. 'ok, you'll be in a wheelchair' she said.
'My gosh, I dont need a wheelchair, I can walk slowly and it is still 3 hours prior to departure' I rejected her command. But she wont take no, so I had to be wheeled in after checking in.

I felt embarrassed, yet grateful. I was healthy enough bar that one bone, people didnt see that I had swollen foot. And I'd been walking around in the last two days, for crying out loud.

As we transited, I was glad she put me in a wheelchair, it was quite a walk, up and down 2 flight of stairs. It was quite funny when we were about to board, there were 12 (yes, twelve) people in a wheelchair! Each has their own person who pushed it. It felt like a race. I was probably the youngest.

When we landed in SFO, they didnt have any wheelchair for me. I was about to walk, when they said I should get one. So, I did, except this time there were only 3 people pushing all the wheelchairs! Poor them. They had to do a relay pushing us. And, they also helped us getting our luggage. The good thing about being in a wheelchair was we didnt have to wait for long for immigration.

On my way back I didnt ask for a wheelchair. My foot was more stable and I had been walking (slowly) every where for a week anyway. Granted travelling with broken bone disturbed some of my plans and I have to walk slowly and rest often.  But it was a fab trip none the less.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Things that I miss are usually food

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Exploratorium

Amsterdam has Nemo, Singapore has Science Center, and San Francisco has The Exploratorium at Pier 15, just minutes away between Fisherman's Wharf and the Ferry Building.

It is a museum which mission is to change the way the world leans. It set up by Frank Oppenheimer, brother of J. Robert Oppenheimer of Manhattan Project, in 1969.

As he was blacklisted from academia due to his involvement in his brother's project, he helped out Science projects of local high school students which led him later on to set up a public museum to supplement science curricula at all levels.

There are over 600 exhibits, not as much as its Singaporean counterpart which has over 1000, divided into 6 galleries. The exhibits cover subjects: human perception, life sciences, physical phenomena, local environment and human behavior.

If it wasn't for the screaming kids, I would have stayed there all day long as it was fascinating trying out all the exhibits. Actually, the exploratorium has an adult only opening every first Thursday evening of the month, which I couldnt make it.

Apparently, for each exhibit they try it out with several teachers first, should they respond positively, the exhibit then will be put on display, if not then they re-adjust or start again.

I wish we have something like this in Indonesia, so we can entice kids into science.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Making a Point

I dont know much about American politics. I just know that when a President from the Democratic party is in power, the Republican do their best to make his/her life misserable. Take Clinton and his Monica affair. So, he had an affair and lied about it. It's a big deal for Hillary but I think not enough for a country to impeach him. Yet, when Bush junior lied about weapon of mass destruction and spending gawd knows how much on the stupid illegal war and killing thousands of people from several countries, no one even bother to impeach him.

Now, the government of USA shuts down.

It hasn't affect me directly until today. To be fair, had not been for the shut down, Indonesian Rupiah might've dropped even further in the past wo weeks. It helps Indonesian economy slightly. That being said, I dont know how things are after tomorrow if there's no agreement on the debt ceiling and the USA is defaulting. By then it's not only an American problem but a problem of the whole world in this connected  economy.

While I try to follow the shut down's timeline, I cant help but wonder about House speaker J.A. Boehner stubborness on this matter. Apparently there are 20 Republican House members who are willing to vote for the budget to end the shut down but was not allowed by Boehner.


While he was making his point about Obama care, he takes the whole country and might also take the whole world hostage. How bad is spending money on health care for all of your citizen compares to spending money on financing wars?