Saturday, June 21, 2008

On Japanese tenants

I found out while helping a cousin refurnishing her apartment that a Japanese tenant wont have any Korean product. So, out the Korean appliances, in the Chinese ones!

As Obelix puts it: Strange people those Japanese.

On a survey

Yesterday we received a form to be completed within 3 days for a survey. We need to fill in on 30 subjects. I dont get why do we need to give out information that is already been collected such as name, ID number, education, job, religion, blood group. Those information is already in the "family card" (Kartu keluarga), and the data is already computerized. Now we need to write down everything again by hand. What a waste of time and money.

There are something interesting in that survey tho.

Apparently, we are an "applicant". Since when we are applying to fill in the survey??? We are forced to fill that in. Ok, maybe "forced" is too harsh, but we surely never asked.

As we need to fill in our gender, it only said that for male we need to write "1", but there's no mentioned about female.

If we have no idea when our date of births are, we supposed to write July 1st on the year that we think of as our year of birth. So, my father who's birthday is on July 1st, can be interpreted as someone who doesnt know his date of birth.

There are only 5 religions you can choose from, namely: Islam, Christianity (that's their way of saying Protestant), Catholics, Hindu and Buddhist. There's however a choice to put in "other".

I have no idea who created this survey, but the most interesting part is about jobs. There are only 88 kinds of jobs available that one can choose from the list, ranging from "not (yet) working", to a "president". There's a "nun" but not a "monk", only a "(catholic) priest". As a psychiatrist you are equal to a psychologist, not a doctor. I guess if you are a dentist, you put yourself as a doctor, because the other choice is as a "tukang gigi" (one who makes the false teeth), I know no self-respecting dentist would like to be known as one. There's a "(stock)trader" but not a "banker". The best is one can put down "paranormal" as a job! Only in Indonesia!