Tuesday, July 28, 2009

For once, a good news about getting old..

Most of the time you heard about how your (yes, also for men!) clock is ticking as you get older.

However, according to this study in Uppsala, the older you get the bigger chance you have of getting pregnant. Ok, it (only) applies to about 5% of women in reproductive age who have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Yes, it's a small study, but still a good news nonetheless.

Normally, as women age, her fertility is reduced due to fewer follicles that are produced each month. But in women with PCOS, the fewer follicles have a positive effect: it stop the hormonal interference and cause follicles to release eggs normally. Something that their body didnt do previously.

So it's true, every cloud has a silver lining.

Monday, July 27, 2009


I was chatting to this Indonesian bloke who was multitasking with replying his email in English. Suddenly he was complaining about his habit of replying or IM-ing in Indonesian.
As it turned out he just replied to this email: "I'll look forward for your call when you have cluster ready", with: "sip". It's what we Indonesian use for "OK" or something along the line.

We were laughing about it when a reply came from his working partner: "sip? what do you mean sip protocol"

He got some explaining to do :D

(Tidak) Mau?

Mobile operator 3 stroke a deal with MU for its Asian tour in Indonesia and came up with this tv ads:

However, after MU cancelled their Indonesian gig, 3 came up with this billboard sans the small prints:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

.... And I am so grateful

that I didnt have such childhood!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Having kids is a priviledge

I dont believe we automatically have the right to have kids. There are plenty people out there who are not fit to procreate but they do anyway because they can, or have the means to have it done.

Take the story about some of the world oldest mothers or fathers. Yes, I include the men, because I dont see why we should turn blind eyes when elderly men procreate but different treatment applied to elderly women. I think these people are selfish for having kids so late in their life.

Sure, in the dawn of advance medicine, there more possibilities for us human. However, we still need to be responsible using the new technology when it comes to bringing a human being to this earth. When you give birth or have kids when you are in your 60s, the chances of you are not going to see them grown up are far greater than having them even in your 40s, let alone in your 20s. It also takes tolls of you physically, and it also carries much higher risks both for the baby and the elderly mother.

If a woman wanted to get pregnant in their 60s, she most definitely needed an eggs donor. If she was single, like some of the oldest mothers around, she also needs a sperm donor. And this part is where I dont understand. With all these orphans and unwanted children in the world who needs love & family, why dont they just adopt? Because the way I see it, they also dont have any genetically link to you any way. Why throw away the money for rounds of IVF treatments that wont always have a good result at that stage of life when you can use it to raise one of the kids as your own?

Kids are not accessories that we can have just because we decided it's time to have them.

I strongly believe, we need to put the children's future welfare first, before saying that it's our right to have a child.

Having kids is a priviledge

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Are you pregnant?

Asking that to someone who is anovulatory is just plain cruel.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

And that moment is finally arrived..

I was on my way downstairs at Morroco House last night, when he held my hand, asking if I would go straight home. "No, I'm just going down stairs," I replied.

"Oh, ok" he said. Then, out of the blue, he mouthed I love you.

Gawd, out of all the guys in my life, it had to be a gay guy telling me that. Great. Peachy. But, honestly, it's also something I needed to hear.

Monday, July 06, 2009

For the record

If my boyfriend did this to me, I would kill him. Then again, if 'my boyfriend' did this, he probably had his own boyfriend.

Saturday, July 04, 2009


I hope one of Indonesian Film Festivals will screen the Palestinian first 3D animation called Fatenah. It's inspired by a true story about a young Palestinian woman who had breast cancer, named Fatma.

Back in 2004 Fatma found a lump in her breast, but she was dismissed by a Palestinian doctor (in Gaza). She then sent her medical record to an Israeli hospital for second opinion and was told to get immediate treatment.

Due to the situation in Gaza, time and again she was forced to stay in Gaza. Sometimes its because her ambulance couldnt get through due to the fighting between Israeli forces and Palestine militants, or because the Israeli border soldiers delayed or didnt allow her to cross border.

By 2005 Fatma's story was reported by Israeli's Physician for Human Rights after she died of her cancer.

There are many people in Gaza died because of lack of proper health care due to the occupation. It's cruel to let innocent people died unnecessarily like that. Maybe those leader in both camps see them just as collateral damage. But those victims had lives and dreams just like anybody in this world.