Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Why is My Bed Moving?

At 14:55 I was typing on my bed, while waiting for the workers to finish putting up together my wardrobe. All of the sudden the bed was moving.

First thought was: 'a truck is passing'. Man, it must have been a huge silent one, as I didnt hear any sound and this morning when they delivered my wardrobe, the truck was huge and I didnt feel any movement.
I went out the room, and yelled out, "Earthquake". But it didnt really dawn on the rest of the house. So I told them to go out of the house. I saw one of the maids was sweeping the floor outside at the back.

This was my first big quake since ages.

After most of us went to the front of the house the tremor continued for several more times. The water in our fish pond was making a huge waves. I went back in looking for that maid that I saw in the back garden. She was still there, sweeping near the fish pond.

I went back and logged on, and turned on the telly. It was 7.4Richter according to USGS, 7.3 according to BMG, with epicenter off coast of Tasikmalaya. There's a possibility of tsunami. Not Good.

We tried reaching Yanto, a bloke who used to live and work for us, but now living in Pangandaran on that coast. We couldnt get through to both of his mobiles that we know off.

About half an hour after the first quake, Yanto called. He said his house has cracks all over, and he is afraid to get inside. People are afraid of tsunami, and they are expecting it. So I told him to go else where safe. He assured me his place is on high ground, and his family is safe.

After all the commotion, my maid came in from the back and asked us if there was any earthquake, since she didnt notice it!!!! I am sure it was at least 5Richter in Jakarta, so it was perplexing that she didnt feel/notice it. Oh well, at least she's ok.