Sunday, November 23, 2008

Do You Believe in Me?

A great speech by a 10 years old Dalton Sherman.

Talk about some inspirational speech! For full text visit here

Monday, November 10, 2008

I dont get it...

Each time someone pulls the 'Islam card', it seems the Indonesian (government) is so scared to do anything about it eventho what they do is immoral.

Just look at the syech Puji-Ulfa affair.

That pedophile shows up on telly with his sickening smile declaring his marriage to a 12 years old kid. No matter how mature she is, no matter how smart she is, no matter that she thinks that she loves him, and willingly marrying to him, she's still a kid. A KID. A kid who supposed to be at school learning, socializing with kids her age. A kid who supposed to worry about her tests, not about media attention.

I dont get why other adults were willingly to participate in this debacle, especially her parents and his first wife!!

Now, it is said that he returned her to her parents yesterday and is going to marry her officially by the time she's 16 years old. Why is it so easy for a sleazeball like him to carry on living like this while heading a Pesantren? A place where one supposed to learn about Islam. I could only wonder what their students are learning... and I am so scared.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Permata Bank & closing of an account

We've been dealing with a handful banks these days. My dear late father apparently had this hobby of opening an account somewhere, and never using it. So, there are plenty of accounts to be closed after his passing. All except one, accepted a notarial letter stating his passing & who are his beneficiaries. All, except Permata Bank, that is.

Once, my father opened an account at Permata Bank to transfer some money when he bought a car. He never really use that account. Now that he passed away, we want to close it.

The bank asked for a letter from Islamic Court stating that my father is already dead.

OK, I have no law background aside from taking some courses relating to Dutch laws. But I know enough & also was advised by notaries (we have several notaries in the family) that notarial letter is equal to the one of Islamic Court.

Now, in order to get that letter, there will be a court session needed involving a lawyer. From what we heard so far, it'll cost us about 10 million rupiah just for the lawyer's fee. G_D knows what's the end amount that we 'll need to pay to get that letter in order.

If my father's money is in billions, even in hundreds of million for that matter, I guess that amount of money to pay the lawyer and all is well worth spending. But since it's just an account with what is left from that car's transaction, so it's not that much, I guess by the time we get the letter and able to close his account at Permata Bank, there's no money left for us.

This is what I dont get, and hate in Indonesia: it's very pricey even when you are dead.

I understand that the bank wants to keep the money in their bank. Especially with economic downturn as this moment. Business is business for them. If they can make it difficult, why would they make it easier?

So here's my advice to you: Don't open an account with Permata Bank. It's not worth the hassle.