Friday, October 16, 2015

It's Good For Your Health, They Said...

Those who knew that I am actually sick, sometimes came up and told me that such and such took this and that supplement/herbal/drugs and it helped their cancer/disease/etc.

Depending on my mood my reaction would be smile, nod, move on; or, I would tell them that it won't work with me because it is different than autoimmune. There were times when I was too tired to discuss about their suggestion and too upset as they kept insisted that I said, 'look, if I tried that, I might die'. Then I left. The truth is, I might not die from it... but I'd be in agony just like two nights ago and yesterday.

So several people has been saying that I should've tried chlorophyl or spirulina. I wasn't sure. I figured it might increase my fiber intake. So I was asking this pharmacist about it. He said it is good and ok to try, but there is a better one: astaxanthin. Then a fellow autoimmune patient said she took if for a while and it's been great. That was weeks ago.

On Sunday I managed to go to a pharmacy and remember about buying it. The remembering part is crucial as I have brain fog often. Not as sever as last year when I forgot my name. I bought the lowest strength. I took it on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

I remember on Tuesday I woke up with pain in my left foot where the ligament was torn last year. I found it so strange as I had never had any problem before. the pain subsided in an hour or so. In the middle of the night of Wednesday I woke up due to pain in my right hip as I was sleeping on my right side. I changed position but the pain persisted. on Thursday I was in pain, I haven't been in such pain for along time. my right side was in pain from head to toe.
Only after I took another astaxathin after dinner I was thinking what was different in the last several days, and it was astaxanthin. I started to search pubmed. and there it was: benefit: increase immune.

As someone who needs to tame her immune because it was too strong, taking a 'harmless' supplement which turned out increasing the said immune is just plain stupid. I learnt my lesson.