Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Bit of Commotion

I was on the first floor at this small mall the other night with my mom when we heard this commotion downstairs. Someone threw fits and smashed some glasses.

To my surprise, almost every one on our floor, including my mom, went to see what it was from the top of the escalator. There I was, almost on my own, I could've nicked lots of stuff.

Mom came back a bit shaky, urging me to pay for the things we buy immediately because she was afraid that the guy would've targeted our car outside.

On the way down, I asked the security what it was all about. He said an Ambonese guy was angry and broke some glasses.

On the ground floor we saw that he ran amok at this brand new fast food restaurant which was actually had a big opening party that night. The celebrity who was singing at the meet and greet earlier was nowhere to be seen. However, there were several policemen around, I heard one of them talked to someone in a civilian clothing, that it was about the 'monthly security money'.

Some night, huh?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Last Night..

you visited me again after a long time..
you took me up that white stairs..
away from people below..
away from the commotion..
there were just the two of us.

then I woke up.. and you were gone.

miss you, dad..

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Importance of Lady Gaga Concert

Someone asked in his status the importance of Lady Gaga concert for Indonesia. Some said that it's not important, it's not something Indonesian needs to emulate. that it's only a short entertainment that can corrupt our generation, a waste of money, there's  potentially securities issues involved and apparently some folks believe that she promotes Satanic cult. 

Some, myself included, says it's important. Someone cited that because she is talented and her works is art. Other said that it's a benchmark of Indonesia's security and tourism sector that we could host such artist. I find it important  that we have the liberty to have choices and to choose what we want without being oppressed, to express our opinion and not becoming brutal just because our opinion was not heard. 

I like the fact that I can freely choose not to see Lady Gaga because I dont want to, and not because some extremist group told me not to, thank you very much. 

Interestingly, upon reading my opinion, he asked what kind of freedom I was talking about, that there's a causal laws and if I had a child would I let my kid to do drugs. He's point is there's a limit on freedom.  He also mentioned that we shouldnt be trapped in the 'Western kind of freedom' which is without boundaries.

I agree that there is limit on freedom when it comes to other people. The limit of freedom goes both ways.  I'm not talking about 'Western kind of freedom' or 'Eastern kind of freedom [is there such a thing?], I'm talking about universal freedom. The limit of freedom doesnt mean that if extremist group prefers one thing that we all have to succumb to it. The last time I checked, Indonesia is not an Islamic state. I do believe, those groups have the rights to express their opinion on Lady Gaga, that being said, that doesnt mean that we have to ban the concert just because they threaten to run amok because they dont agree with Lady Gaga. We cant keep letting the extremist hijack our freedom. There is a limit even for an extremist group. 

Friday, May 11, 2012


Finally I fulfill my dream to be in Borobudur during Vesak celebration. After some spats regarding our hotel, all 11 of us went to Yogya on May 5th in three flights. While waiting to aboard the flight, this Chinese gal asked me if we are also going to Vesak in Plaosan temple. I said we are going to Mendut temple. She then asked to which vihara temple I belong. My friends were giggling when they heard that one. It gets weirder. She said it was her first trip to Vesak in Yogya and asked me about the schedule and stuff. I had to put my 'consultant face' and bluffed my way.

It was my first trip, the difference was I read about it a lot, I asked my friend who goes there almost every year, I asked a friend who got involved in the event organizer last year.

During the trip I learned that I need to be specific in my prayers. Some said I'm being silly about it, the way I see it, you never know when your prayers are answered and how much of it will be granted, so ask away.

Speaking of praying. After pradaksina, the ritual of circumambulation of Borobudur three times, there was the ritual of lighting the lantern and letting it go. One could say his/her wishes while letting the lantern go.

We left Yogya in a good spirits, meeting new people, experiencing new things. We plan to come back to Borobudur during Vesak again.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Oh My... Fifty Shades

In the last couple of weeks, I've seen headlines on several major news outlet mentioning the book du jour. The Fifty Shades of Grey. At first, I didnt even read the articles, but since the name of the book keep popping up, last weekend I've decided to see what the fuss is all about.

And I read, and read, and read more.

You see, the book is part of a trilogy of a relationship between a young dashing billionaire but emotionally damaged Christian Grey and a twenty-one year old innocent fresh graduate with an annoying inner goddess Anastasia Steel. It's a mash up between Mills & Boon, Cinderella and BDSM story written by EL James, a pseudonym of one Erika Mitchell. There are plenty of sex, vanilla or otherwise, in the book, but the story it self keeps you turning the pages even though it was badly written.

What's with Anastasia's inner goddess coming out all the time? My inner goddess is doing the merengue with some salsa moves (p137), [after a spanking session] my inner goddess is prostrate... well, at least she's quiet (p276).

Then there's the repetition of words/sentences. All variation of 'holy..', muttering, mumbling (apparently they cant just say what they want to say) and oh my. Then again, this book started as a Twilight fanfic titled Master of the Universe with about 80% of it stays in the book (I didnt know about it until I finished all three books. Holy crap! I cant bear to read it if it was 'Fifty Shades of Cullen'!).

The part that I enjoy is the email exchange between the two protagonists.

That being said, I couldnt keep the book down because I want to know how far he will push her and how far she grows as a woman and in (a difficult) relationship. Can she tame him? Will she stay in the relationship with all that money, power and mind blowing orgasm but sans love?

Christian is a Harvard educated, who pilots his own helicopter while he is not playing his piano and being filthy rich. What's not to like about him? He, however, starts every relationship with a non disclosure agreement and a written contract. That's the only relationship he knows. He does and doesnt want to bring Anastasia in to his lifestyle. He does and doent want to hurt her.

Anastasia's journey from virginity to BDSM, and relationship with men for that matter, is very intense. Does she want it for herself or does she do it to please the person she loves?

The book also sparks feminist debate about whether women should be sexually submissive in bed. Not bad for a book with terrible quality of writing.