Monday, January 25, 2010

Century Saga

I dont get the whole Century Bank Problem. So, there's Rp. 6.7Trillions. There's Sri Mulyani & Boediono. There's Robert Tantular. There's various political parties.

It seems like the media & politics is trying to get Sri Mulyani & Boediono out of the government. No matter what. At any cost.

But nobody is really asking the Century Bank any question on how they misspent the money. And I thought that was the problem. Why doesnt Pansus follow the money?


colson said...

To an outsider like me, based on rudimenray data, it looks like a political vendetta indeed.

Though these kind of bailouts should be properly investigated, in this case not the decision by the responsible ministers, but the doubtful reputation of some of the investigating MPs and of some of the architects of the investigation itself, is worrying.

Golkar? Bakrie? Grrrrr.

Melly said...

thank you for talking out loud of something that I have in mind for sometimes

sewa mobil murah said...

thanks for the posting