Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Ireland is More Islamic Than Indonesia

This is not a joke. Not only the Irish has adopted Sharia Finance but according to Scheherazade S. Rehman and Hossein Askari in their study titled 'An Economic IslamicityIndex (EI²)' Ireland is the numero uno in the world in term of EI²! The highest OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) country is Malaysia at #33. The Netherlands share #15 with the USA. Indonesia? We ranked #104 out of 208 countries, even Belarus at #94 is more Islamic than us. That's hurt. Real. Bad.

Although the methodology is not perfect, this study confirmed what I see in Indonesia in comparison to places I've lived and visited before. Indonesia might be the most populous Islamic country, but those 'evil' countries, such as the USA & The Netherlands, are more Islamic in the sense that their government cares more of their people than their Indonesian counterpart.

I remember years ago an Indonesian Imam living in the USA and work at one of their correctional facilities confessed that he found USA is more Islamic than Indonesia. Sure, Indonesians might be more Islamic when it comes to individual rituals than the Western countries. However, in their daily lives, I dont think what I see every day in both rural and urban areas are very Islamic. Take one of the pesantrens (Islamic boarding school) near my place, each time they have some kind gathering they close down the road as they pleased resulting in traffic jams for hours in the greater area, their people never bother cleaning up their trash afterward eventhough according to the Prophet cleanliness is part of the faith. I heard they also refused to give up part of their land so that the government could build a 4-lanes road that we need in stead of the two-lanes one that we have at present.

Dont get me started with how some Muslims have treated the minorities such as Ahmadyah and some Christians followers. Inhumane. I keep hearing that performing prayers five times a day and fasting, etc, should've keep people from evil deeds. Yet, they conducted such atrocities. I wonder what went wrong, how come all those rituals that they perform couldnt keep them from evil deed.

I came to conclusion that most Indonesian Muslims are more concern about their relationship with their Gawd and forgetting that according to the teaching their relationship with fellow human being are as important. That's when things starting to unraveled. Sad, really.

So, those of you who try to convinced me that if Indonesia implements Sharia we are going to be better, read and weep.


colson said...

You made me gasp: is our ranking actually 15 ???? Does Geert Wilders knows that ?:)

The tragedy of great philosophies ( both religions and secular ideologies)is that often the ideals are magnificent, but unfortunately also call for a new kind of man and woman - an altruistic one void of the most important vices.

Such a mutation is practically impossible. What will remain after a number of years is lip-service to the ideals and individuals acting just like all other selfish sinners.

All of those who officially live in the tradition of a great philosophy, should be very modest. The best we can do to improve our lives is working hard and trying to create organized solidarity ( a welfare state). Which is tough enough (Tony Judt: Ill fares the land)

triesti said...

@colson yupe.. wilders must've been pissing in his pants. Religious or not, all men are capable of being kind to one another, the question is why dont we?