Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wahyu Cakraningrat

Wahyu Cakraningrat is part of Mahabarata stories. It's about a revelation (wahyu) that is desired by all knights and kings as anyone who acquired it will have offsprings who have dignity and can control Java.

There were three knights who were trying to get the Wahyu Cakraningrat by meditating in Krendhawahana forrest, namely Samba, son of Kresna; Lesmana, son of Duryudana, and Abimanyu, son of Arjuna. At first, Lesmana got the revelation, but he was tempted by the wife of Wahyu Cakraningrat, Dewi Maninten, in human-form therefore he lost his revelation. Next, it was Samba who got it, again he was tempted by the goddess and lost the revelation. It was Abimanyu who got it last and able to remain centered and didnt budged by all temptations Dewi Maninten put him through. In the end, it was Abimanyu's offspring who ruled Java after the Kurusetra battle.

The story is about the power of firm will, the power of expansive wisdom and the power of right and effective action.

My mom and I had the privilege to take a very small part in the performance of Wahyu Cakraningrat last week. It was an honor to be on the same stage with some of the best Wayang Orang performers in the country.


colson said...


Wow. Is this a professional performance in which advanced amateurs can participate?

As you may know I'm an avid lover of theatre and actors on stage. So here I offer a standing ovation for a magnificent performance (well, going by this single picture) :).

Btw: Is it you front row right?

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

Interesting information indeed. Thanks for sharing.

triesti said...

@colson thank you! It's a professional performance in which amateurs can have small participation. I was only there for one of 9 acts. Mom was there in at least 4 acts.

@S-US, you are welcome