Monday, April 01, 2013

On Food For Thought

Last night it all became real, my internist said that I have Colitis, an inflammation of the colon. Great. At least now we have a name for it so people can't say that I'm acting up. I've been suffering from cramps every now and then since the beginning of last week. My stomach doesn't feel right. I lost my appetite, I've been shunning my veggies.

I think my body told me what I need, if I listen to it closely. About two weeks ago, I was looking for vitamin B12, but my pharmacy didn't have any stock, so I settled with some vitamin B for kids. I was also looking for some iron supplement.

On Saturday when we were at the mall near our place I was thinking if I need to get Enzyplex for my stomach. I was also thinking about asking my internist some for Librax, which needs a prescription because Chlordiazepoxide can be addictive.    Guess what internist gave me? Librax and Enzyplex along with Mucosta because I'm alergic to all sulfa-medication, which actually works for colitis.

So, now I'm faced to even more limited dietary in take.  I have to avoid all the things that I love such as chocolate, dairy products, brocolli, mushroom, raisin, and god knows what else. The safest bet is eating Japanese food, which is not very budget friendly.

It's a wake up call to listen more to my body.
Who would have guess, high fiber is not good for your body?


colson said...

Your life's story seems be about a Conscious Self that is being tortured by a body playing hard ball.

If only because of the amount of medication puzzles to be solved and food-pitfalls to be avoided, you absolutely deserve a fast and total recovery from the inflammation.

Hang on.

TA said...

Thanks Colson! Tonight I'm pretty happy that I survived a bowl of mac and cheese. I can keep my cheese in my diet :) No fresh fruit juice tho. I just take one food one day at a time to see which works and which doesn't