Thursday, June 13, 2013

Eavesdropping: Boots, Magic Jar, Trip

I had a meeting at one of ministerial buildings this morning and had my lunch in their canteen. Not long came two ladies from a neighbouring office and shared my table.

I was just eating my lunch while checking my cell every now and then and listening to their conversation:
+ just bought my boots with the help of X in Bandung.. very cheap only IDR 300K. 
- I'm just going to wear my sneakers
+ you should get a pair of boots, too. It'll look good on pictures
- Oh, right.. boots'll look good on pictures... we are there when it's almost cold, right? we could go to Bandung for a shopping trip
(I was wondering where they are going and when)
+ Yes, you could also check out Ambassador mall, they also have jackets
(I wanted to give them tips where to get winter clothing but felt rude to eavesdrop)
- Ambassador mall is a bit expensive
(they talked about small stuff and I was more interested in my cell at this time)
- I have a small magic jar that I'm going to take with us, we could cook 1 liter rice in it
+ Great, bring it
- Not sure if it was enough for the 6 of us, maybe we could cook twice
+ Yes, it's expensive over there
(By then I was curious where they are going that they need to bring a rice cooker I slowed down my eating)
+ I heard that food is not that great in Hongkong, unlike in Mainland China

Ok, after finding out they are going to HK, I finished my meal and left. 
Why would you bring a rice cooker to HK? I could understand if you are going to, say, Alaska where there might not be that many chinese/japanese restaurant. Hongkong! 


colson said...

Great funny story and exemplary.

I guess 50% of travelling people are adventurously curious and travel light, while the other 50% goes abroad nervously cautious and defensively try to bring as much as possible of their household along.

TA said...

That last part reminds me how Dutch people go camping. I never get it. you practically move everything in your house to this camping ground where you camp next to another Dutch family, eating Dutch food. (an ex boss always brought his bread abroad). To me, that's to much hassle.