Saturday, August 17, 2013

How Old Are Your Ears?

When it comes to our body, what is stated on our birth certificate could means nothing much. You were born in such and such day, but your body could be older or younger than that number.

Back in NL my Chinese doctor jokingly told me that my face looked 25, while my body was 50. There's some truth in what she said, as I was coming to her office on weekly basis (sometimes twice a week) for acupuncture and tui na massage to heal some nerves damage & fibromyalgia which took toll on my body.

That being said, my ears are younger than I am, as I could still hear some high pitch sound which normally someone my age won't be able to hear, such as 17,000Hz. I even took the medical hearing test to prove it.

Below is a free simple test to check your hearing, all you need is to set it to 1080p and use a headset in a quiet room on a normal sound setting.

Judging from the comments, there are plenty youngsters who are not able to hear according their age level. I assume they are using a lot of headset to hear very loud music on daily basis which ruins their hair cells. I hope they change their habit and preserve their hair cells longer.



colson said...

Jezus. Shocking. I can't dodge the truth. Now I'm over 50!!! (:))

Oh, by the way you still looked like 25.

TA said...

hahahaha.. thanks!

Pojok Hablay said...

Uh oh. So, we have metabolic age and also "hearing" age.

I will wait awhile before taking the test.