Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Uh Oh

I go to the office wearing a t-shirt most days. When I arrive, I change to 'office wear', whatever that is.
Except for today. I arrived straight to the empty office, bar the office boy. So, I was working in my tees. Jakartan offices are notoriously cold. After awhile, I thought I was going to put on my 'office blouse' on top of my tee as I started to get cold.

Holes and another holes.

That's what I saw on both upper arms of my blouse. Huge gapping holes. Didn't see them this morning when I put it in my bag. There goes my plan swinging by a government office this afternoon.

oh well..


colson said...

Got a cold now and caused bewilderment in the government office I assume?

Anonymous said...

ik zit onder de deken..een beetje verhoging. En nee, ging ik niet naar de ministerie :)