Monday, April 26, 2010

Bureaucratic Jungle

Indonesia is famous of it's red tape. I experience it first hand, both in and out of this country. It might be 21st century, but I swear, those bureaucrats never heard of LAN, let alone a WAN.

I was waiting for this lady searching for a copy of my dad's confirmation letter today, when I heard another lady explained to these people things that they have to submit for getting their pension. The list is on and on, and at one point I heard they need to submit 15 3x4 pictures along with one of the forms. Fifteen. What is this place? Indonesian Idol's HQ?? They need to submit at least 4 different forms plus 10 folds of its copies and several documents that needed to be legalized by the Lurah for each forms, head of the area. All them mean more money to spend.

Really why do you need 20+ pictures of one person?

What a waste of money, what a waste of papers.

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colson said...

SBY's target of 26% CO2 emission reduction, would be considerably easier if he could save those trees which are doomed to be cut down to produce all this superfluous paperwork.