Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Visa o Visa

The joy of having Indonesian passport is each time we want to travel abroad outside ASEAN countries, we need to apply for their visa and pay a significant amount of money for it. It is especially true when we want to travel to developed countries. Bear in mind the money you paid wont be refunded if they rejected your visa application. Coupled that to the lost of time in getting it process. Joy, joy, joy. Therefore it is pretty normal to hear us, Indonesians, complaining about obtaining a visa.

The other day, however, was a different story. My friend just came back from a meeting at the Dutch embassy, he was told he needs a KITAS, Indonesian Limited Stay Permit, so he could start his business over here. One way to do get a KITAS is to marry an Indonesian. He was joking how marrying me will not only getting him a KITAS, but also making his mom happy.

Most of the time I hear how some Indonesian marries or living together with a foreigner to get a visa abroad. Even my ex Dutch flatmate, M suggested we did that on paper that so I could easily stay in NL. It was very nice of him to suggest it, but I felt it wasnt the right thing to do.

But seriously, I wish obtaining a visa is not such a pain.


colson said...

This sounds familiar. However..

Any day soon now, my youngest son ad his Indonesian wife are going to start their (small) business in Jakarta. And then I read in your post: "One way to do get a KITAS is to marry an Indonesian".

Wow. Jeez. I'm too naive. I always thought my son Ingmar (Pelopor) married Dian (Bonnie) for love...

On the other hand: yesterday my other daughter in law ( eldest son's wife) got her Dutch passport.
She told me about the same visa trouble, you mention.

triesti said...

Well, it's not the only way:)

Yeah some of my friends opted for foreign passports because of the visa trouble. Others stick to their Indonesian passport citing for being patriotic.

I respect those who has foreign passport but still helps Indonesia more than those with Indonesian passport but all he did was nothing positive for the country.