Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I know companies are training their sales people to do canvassing. Most of the time they train them well. This morning one of them called my dad's number and gave me a reason to rant.

It started well, a friendly greeting by someone named Evi from Standard Chartered Bank. Her first mistake was not knowing that my dad was a male instead of female. She thought I was dad. Fine, honest mistake. But if I was dad, I wouldve liked it she knew that I were a guy when she called me selling her products.

Then I told her that he already passed away. Normally, other sales would apologized for the misunderstanding, then, depending on how aggressive they are, one could then selling whatever they are selling to me, or just promised to take dad's information from the list. But this woman has a different approach all together. She hung up on me!!!

Good luck to you with your canvassing. I hope you bring lots of new costumers. NOT.

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colson said...

Though 'mine" was rather polite ( no comparison to "your" rude bitch, yesterday night I also got a call by a kind of sales person.

These aggressive, trespassing marketeers are a modern plague. They call at inconvenient times ( at dinner time), intrude your privacy and are irritatingly persistent.

Fortunately we got this weapon: the '" register. At long last I decided to use this weapon now.