Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Important Note To Self

After all these time, I made a rocky mistake. I forgot to divulge to my doctor all the medications I'm currently taking. Now, I'm paying for my stupid mistake. The very medication I thought that will have nothing to do with my cough is possibly the reason why my cough is getting worse. Brutally worse that it took me not to change my position to get rid the itchiness inside my throat. As soon as I've changed my position, the cough starts and can last for two hours, to the point I almost vomit with each cough. I havent been able to sleep in the last two nights since I took the new cough meds.

I've just realized it about an hour ago when I re-read the leaflet. Apparently my other meds increases the amount of serum in my cough meds, which, I think, making my ulcer worse and the expectorant part of the meds working above and beyond measure.

I called up the pharmacy but I guess the guys (I talked to two peeps) didnt really know what they are doing.  The bloke said I took the right amount of meds, but he couldnt tell me how much the interaction of the two meds will work in my body. Logically, if the interaction increases the amount of the serum, I overdosed my cough meds just by taking the prescribed amount of meds.

So, I've texted my doc. Still got no reply.

At this moment I'm wary of taking my other meds, but I have to since I'm under strict order to taking it until May by my other doc. Probably the best thing to do for the time being is not taking any cough meds until my doc is getting back to me.

ps: my doc said I have to lower my cough meds to a third of whatever the leaflet said. So be it. but in the meantime, still cant sleep. Grrr...


colson said...

Is coughing epidemic in Jakarta? You and my semi-Indonesian offspring seem to prove it.

Anyhow, get well soon! And be careful with medicine...

triesti said...

@colson yupe, as soon as dragon year is here, seems like everyone I know fell ill.. mostly cough. I started with flu.