Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Drag Queen

I have a thing about drag queen. They fascinate me. And they have balls.

There was these couple I used to know who laughed at their friend's father who was a drag queen. I applaud the guy and his son for being honest about it. So what if he is comfortable wearing a dress? Scots & Irish men wear kilt, guys in Burma, Micronesia and Indonesia wear their traditional sarong, not very much different than a dress.

One of the last thing I talked to my dad was about the couple's reaction about the said drag queen. I told my dad that I would've accepted if my dad has been a drag than if he has had another family. Because being a drag means he was true to himself, while having another family means he cheated on us. I might even be proud of him being a drag. Dad was laughing. Mind you, I made that comparison because the girl's father is a bigamist.


colson said...

My yesterday's comment got lost in cyberspace obbiously :).

Well I wrote I used to think Indonesians usually don't object to drag queens but do reject homosexuality. Never could quite understand that strange paradox.

But now it seems not only gay and lesbian people by other kinds of gender-benders are out of grace. The paradox has gone, but that's a change of getting from strange to sad.

triesti said...

@colson I guess because there's nothing against drag queen in the holy books, while there are plenty of homosexual bashing. As I pointed out before elsewhere, traditionally some tribes had no problem with homosexuality, it was only after the Abrahamic religion campaign that homosexuality falls out of grace.

Btw,hat couple was a mixed Dutch & Indonesian.