Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Bit of Commotion

I was on the first floor at this small mall the other night with my mom when we heard this commotion downstairs. Someone threw fits and smashed some glasses.

To my surprise, almost every one on our floor, including my mom, went to see what it was from the top of the escalator. There I was, almost on my own, I could've nicked lots of stuff.

Mom came back a bit shaky, urging me to pay for the things we buy immediately because she was afraid that the guy would've targeted our car outside.

On the way down, I asked the security what it was all about. He said an Ambonese guy was angry and broke some glasses.

On the ground floor we saw that he ran amok at this brand new fast food restaurant which was actually had a big opening party that night. The celebrity who was singing at the meet and greet earlier was nowhere to be seen. However, there were several policemen around, I heard one of them talked to someone in a civilian clothing, that it was about the 'monthly security money'.

Some night, huh?


colson said...

To make sure I do understand, does "security money" is criminal "protection money"?

Anyhow I will have to keep this story a secret to my family - that is the ones with roots in Maluku :).

O and by the way.. so it crossed your mind: "this is the moment to strike". You didn't do it, but... (lol).

triesti said...

yupe, you were right, I was being literal there. And yes, I looked around and thought that there were plenty of opportunities there :)