Friday, May 11, 2012


Finally I fulfill my dream to be in Borobudur during Vesak celebration. After some spats regarding our hotel, all 11 of us went to Yogya on May 5th in three flights. While waiting to aboard the flight, this Chinese gal asked me if we are also going to Vesak in Plaosan temple. I said we are going to Mendut temple. She then asked to which vihara temple I belong. My friends were giggling when they heard that one. It gets weirder. She said it was her first trip to Vesak in Yogya and asked me about the schedule and stuff. I had to put my 'consultant face' and bluffed my way.

It was my first trip, the difference was I read about it a lot, I asked my friend who goes there almost every year, I asked a friend who got involved in the event organizer last year.

During the trip I learned that I need to be specific in my prayers. Some said I'm being silly about it, the way I see it, you never know when your prayers are answered and how much of it will be granted, so ask away.

Speaking of praying. After pradaksina, the ritual of circumambulation of Borobudur three times, there was the ritual of lighting the lantern and letting it go. One could say his/her wishes while letting the lantern go.

We left Yogya in a good spirits, meeting new people, experiencing new things. We plan to come back to Borobudur during Vesak again.


colson said...

Obviously a good and rewarding experience. From what I read now and before your spiritual world and the Buddhist universe ( or the calm of it's rituals?) seem to overlap to a large extent.

By the way: the photo is of phenomenal strength and beauty ( in my opinion).

triesti said...

Thank you, dear Colson.