Friday, May 18, 2012

The Importance of Lady Gaga Concert

Someone asked in his status the importance of Lady Gaga concert for Indonesia. Some said that it's not important, it's not something Indonesian needs to emulate. that it's only a short entertainment that can corrupt our generation, a waste of money, there's  potentially securities issues involved and apparently some folks believe that she promotes Satanic cult. 

Some, myself included, says it's important. Someone cited that because she is talented and her works is art. Other said that it's a benchmark of Indonesia's security and tourism sector that we could host such artist. I find it important  that we have the liberty to have choices and to choose what we want without being oppressed, to express our opinion and not becoming brutal just because our opinion was not heard. 

I like the fact that I can freely choose not to see Lady Gaga because I dont want to, and not because some extremist group told me not to, thank you very much. 

Interestingly, upon reading my opinion, he asked what kind of freedom I was talking about, that there's a causal laws and if I had a child would I let my kid to do drugs. He's point is there's a limit on freedom.  He also mentioned that we shouldnt be trapped in the 'Western kind of freedom' which is without boundaries.

I agree that there is limit on freedom when it comes to other people. The limit of freedom goes both ways.  I'm not talking about 'Western kind of freedom' or 'Eastern kind of freedom [is there such a thing?], I'm talking about universal freedom. The limit of freedom doesnt mean that if extremist group prefers one thing that we all have to succumb to it. The last time I checked, Indonesia is not an Islamic state. I do believe, those groups have the rights to express their opinion on Lady Gaga, that being said, that doesnt mean that we have to ban the concert just because they threaten to run amok because they dont agree with Lady Gaga. We cant keep letting the extremist hijack our freedom. There is a limit even for an extremist group. 


colson said...

A great entry, triesti! It touches on what really matters in relations between groups in society.

There are several variations of freedom.

The negative freedom bordering on libertarianism; remove all obstacles that hinder people doing whatever they want (what some seem to consider to be typical "western".

The positive freedom is the freedom which helps all people to level with others in making choices. Blocking access to expressions and artefacts of different cultures is downright contrary to that philosophy.

These narrow-minded thugs and the weirdly complying Police violate this fundamental right of freedom time after time indeed.

It's about time government -whose duty is the protection of the citizen's rights- calls the Police and it's own religious faction- to order.

triesti said...

The sad part is over here people only sees that freedom is limited when it comes to what other people [read: minority] wants. I hate the fact that FPI is abled to bully the police. It's not a good precedence at all.

H. Nizam said...

Yes, the limit of freedom must work both ways.

The government's failure to take firm decision against people who condone violence has made those people strong.

However, I am not sure about all that, because there are rumors that those people are backed by the military for certain reasons.

triesti said...

Harry, nice to see you here! yeah I know about the rumors of military backing. I know my friend's church pay such preman organization all the time so that they wont harass the church. I figured this one is actually also about money.