Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Path

For weeks people in the family, by that I mean aunts, cousins, mom, are pressuring me toward their direction. Saying that's what my late father wanted.

Great! Bring the death in the argument.

It's rich coming from them who didnt even grant their father (my grandfather) his last wish. When they were on their journey, my grandparents didnt push their children to choose the same path. Why cant they grant me that? Why cant they understand that it's my journey?

Let me decide my own path, cause by the end of the day, I am the one who walks on it, not them.


colson said...

Though this is very personal and nothing of my business and one thing I should keep my big mouth shut about, I want to cry: GOOD FOR YOU LADY. HOW RIGHT YOU ARE.

triesti said...

Lieve Opa, Heel erg bedankt. Ik voel me niet meer zo alleen. Ben zo onzetten moe van al dat gedoe. Moet effe volhouden en mijn mantra hardop zeggen: this too shall pass.

delvi said...

mmmm...curious...but i know its not my business. but m still busy wandering if we face the same problems.

triesti said...

probably yes, probably no, but it is still our own path, against theirs. Am I right?