Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Proposal

We were dating for several weeks, on one fine Saturday we had lunch at his place. After finishing our fab pasta with octopus in tomato sauce, he was fixing some dessert behind me while I was watching the cloud. All of the sudden I heard this:

"you know, I am going to propose to you.."

Shock. Did he say what I just heard? Oh please dont do that now, it's too soon. "What did you just say?" I asked while slowly turning facing him, bracing myself of what may come.

"I am going to propose..." Hang on, let him finish I told myself. "...that we go to the beach after this, it's a good weather."

Phew! Horray! He just wanted to uitwaaien, to walk in the wind for fun.

Happy V day people!


colson said...

Ah, both tender and funny. But this were only the opening lines of a short story.

I mean what came next? The wind, the waves, the salty air, the beach, the dunes.

You should write it from start to finish - this post can be the foundation of either a Chechovian short story or a tale of hilarious mutual misunderstandings.

("Uitwaaien"... very typical Dutch idiom.

Okay, I knew President Soekarno spoke beautiful Dutch. But how about you? Did you study Dutch? )

triesti said...

It makes you wonder, huh? :D

it's tied in with my posting back in Dec. last year.

I had a lot of mutual misunderstanding in my life, albeit not always hilarious. I wrote some of them before in this blog.

As for my Dutch, it's far from perfect, but yes, I did learn it for about 3 months or so in my other life.

To me, Uitwaaien, is also representing Dutch culture. I went for a nice lunch at Scheveningen in the middle of a winter storm with some Dutchies. The wind carried me for several meters at one point:) Even my other European friends wouldnt want to do that.. but it probably says more about them than about the Dutch.