Monday, February 22, 2010

Tari and Her Adventure

One day, Tari, one of our maids, went up to my mom and asked for her permission to go for Indonesian Idol audition. That's a surprise. I heard her sing a bit before, but never heard her sing a full song. From what I heard, she has a pretty decent range.

Mom told her to go. We thought she should try it out, and it's good that she has the nerves to do that. I know I dont.

Sunday evening, Tari went to the mall near our place to buy some new clothes for the audition. That night our other maid, who was away for weeks for family matter came back.

By 5am the next day, Tari left for the audition with Ari, our ojek. She said she wanted to get there early and be in front of the line. By 7pm, she called me up telling me that she might be late, because she's still waiting for her turn. Apparently she's number 30000 something, and the person who was auditioning at that time was number 17000 something. I was about to tell her to go home when she said, 'but now it is based on queue position, there are about 5 more people in front of me.' Fine.

She got home around 9.30pm.

She told me she was through to the second session and was told that if she passed, someone will phone her before the next audition. She sang 3 songs in those two sessions.

Days passed, I asked her if she got that call. She didnt. She said confidently, 'It's ok, there are some other times.' Good on ya, kiddo

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colson said...

Of course I wish her all the luck she needs. Probably sports and entertainment are her (and her colleagues') only ( still extremely tiny) opportunity to climb the socio-economical ladder. And yes, her attitude really seems to be okay.

However "Idols" ... the horror, the horror.