Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Confession of a Cheater

A friend called me up tonight. After a transgression. Well, actually two transgressions. But he called soon after the last one. Apparently he felt guilty especially about the last one. No, he wont confess to other people. This time I dont know his girlfriend, so I dont really care if he is going to tell her or not.

This what I dont get. My friends know how I feel about cheating. After this ex-cheated on me, each time I heard about someone cheats my heart cracks a bit. Moreover, this particular friend was cheated on before. I thought knowing how terrible it is in the receiving end, he wouldnt have done it to someone else. But I was wrong.

In another friend's case, I get to know his girlfriend. One time she found out about him texting his ex, but he was able to convince her that it was nothing. Of course, I knew it was something more. I tried dropping her some hints about this friend when she asked my opinion about him, but either she falls for him hard and eats from his hand, or some black magic involves (after all this is Indonesia, these things happen believe it or not).

If I found out about my friend being cheated on, I think I wouldve at least tried letting my friend know about his/her partner affair. She/he might not want to hear it and might even be angry with me. But I think my friend deserves to know what's going on. If they want to stay together afterwards it is their choice.

What would you do if you were in my shoes?


colson said...

Tough, tough.

There is of course a difference between cheating and cheating. An innocent chat or two, an exchange of flirts, a tête á tête in a public place, a stolen kiss - well, if a friend confided in me and told me he had a bad conscience I would probably not tell his partner.

It's different if he would be sleeping around. If I knew his partner well, I would probably say to my friend that either he should tell or, if he didn't, I would inform her.

triesti said...

it's all about sleeping around. It was interesting to hear guys perspective regarding 'cheating'. A guy said he's never cheated on his wife, but later on confess of getting bl*w j*bs from a hooker. The other said he gets bl*w j*bs from his ex because he's not getting any from his then gf. Both said it wasnt sex, so it's not cheating. I hate Clinton for giving these guys such idea.

I dont get this..

colson said...

Well, Clinton knew what he claimed was bullshit by any common sense. So yes having sex = having sex = having sex.

A blowjob would qualify in my book for my second category: tell her youself or I will.