Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Our So Called Friend

My family has been screwed by this bloke who my dad regarded as his close friend. When I found out about it, I was really angry. Yes, there are some monetary values involved, not that little I might add. But I mostly very upset because I know how dad had helped this bloke's family and this is how they repaid him. Thank you very much.

It seems that we have to brace ourselves for a legal battle ahead of us (probably in both civil and criminal court). I really hope that we wont have to go into that direction. However, knowing that one of his kids is a DA, another is a policeman, I wont be surprise if we did.

Dad did make a colossal mistake for making a decision without any legal advice and wrote up this letter that they could use against us. However, I also knew he did it under duress, as the situation at that time brought back his trauma. A trauma that also made him the way he was, awfully nice towards other people, much nicer than towards his own family. It is because in his mind, if he's being nice to other people, those people wont hurt his family again. Of course, the reality is nothing like that. There are people who will hurt you no matter how nice you are towards them. Some times you give someone an inch and he will take a mile.

If anything, I learnt the importance of legal advice, especially when it comes to protecting your rights for now or in the future. I also learnt all I could do was being nice and not expecting any thing in return. But while doing that, I still need to listen to my guts, and let it guides me.


colson said...

This really is a very sad and worrying story. It means once more a kind man fell victim to the wolves apparently.

Anyone in these circumstances will be angry. And it will be hard not to feel the lure of cynicism. From own experience (abuse of trust) I guess a legal fight is unavoidable probably.

Yet legal procedures are often tormenting. So let's hope your family will be able to settle the case out of court by negotiations.

triesti said...

We are trying to settle, but we'll see how the other parties are reacting. His other victim already approached us to work with us, so let's hope this too shall pass soon.