Friday, March 05, 2010


A is going to see her doc today. We were talking about pregnancy cramps she's been experiencing.
kram bahasa inggris nya apa ye

me: cramps
A: really
me: really

I love her :)

Meanwhile, I had a huge one myself this morning, I blacked out for a while. I think I'd better canceled my plans for tomorrow.


colson said...

Grrr. I didn't get the pun.

Being male ( or rather not being female) the only cause for cramps I can think of is an overdose of peas and beans.

Anyhow, I hope the predicament of the two protesting bellies will be over soon.

triesti said...

she asked what's "kram" is in English, and it's cramp, but she wasnt sure about it.

She's still have the cramps, until the baby's born methinks. mine is over.. I still have a bit of rash tho and pain in my extremities.