Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Darsem is Free

Darsem is a former Indonesian domestic worker in Saudi who killed her employer when he tried to rape her. Saudi's court sent her to beheading. Lucky for Darsem, the family of his employer decided to forgive her in exchange of some money, around IDR 4.7Billion.

After Ruyati's faith, the government decided to pay Darsem blood money. Now Darsem is free and just got home in Indonesia.

While I'm happy that she is now free and empathized with her ordeal, I dont agree with the fact that the Government is paying the blood money. I think from all the money we collect from the migrant workers we could find a fund for blood money. After all part of it is to pay for their security, why not using that fund instead?

As the Government paid the blood money, my question is: from which fund? Who/what are we sacrificing in order to safe one person? More often than not, the first fund the government use for things like this or that of Sport games is Education or health fund. I know we cant really put a price on a human being, but IDR 4.7 Billion is plenty money to educate a lot of people such as Darsem so they have better skills. These skills might've safe her from working as domestic worker in Saudi, or at least prepare domestic workers to work abroad so stories such as Ruyati wont happened any more.


Multibrand said...

Thank God they have freed Darsem.
If those Arabs can accept money in exchange for the life of their people, wonder whether this method can be used in Palestine, Iraq where people tend to revenge tyhe death of their family and friend.
If the answer is Yes, life would be much enjoyable.

triesti said...

yeah.. I really wonder where the money came from. The thing about Palestine,if I'm not mistaken, the law of the Jew is similar with that of Islam on an eye for an eye. Depending on the interpretation, I think you have a point there, paying blood money is a way to cease the war