Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Elly Anita An 'Anti-Trafficking Hero'

TVOne interviewed Elly Anita, a former migrant worker & victim of human trafficking in the Middle East. She only studied at elementary school level but managed to learn English, Arabic, Cantonese and how to use internet. Her English is much better than some of university lecturers I've met in Indonesia.

She was awarded by the US government the 'Anti-Trafficking Hero' award and was invited to the UN to talk in their Geneve HQ.

What did she get from the Indonesian government? Nothing. Nada. Null.

In the midst of her struggle in the Middle East she managed to contact one of Indonesian Embassy for help and was sort of being told off that it's her own fault why she ended up in Iraq. It was IOM (International Organization of Migration) who helped her & 16 of her friends.

Nowadays she work for Migrant Care helping fellow migrant workers.


Multibrand said...

It is sad to know that our government doesn't seem to pay serious attention to her.

triesti said...

@harry yupe.. the gov. keeps missing the picture.