Friday, July 08, 2011

Google+ Got My Vote

I've been toying with Google+ and I like it. It feels more secure than Facebook. By secure I mean I'm in control about things that I share. The fact that my family is still not in it is a bonus *grin*.

As Google+ can be used for multiple video conference is whooping Facebook with its one-to-one video call via Skype. I also love the fact nobody asked me to join their stupid games. Seriously, I dont care if your farm is harvesting or your mafia needs a new blood.

I think Google+ is a mash-up between Facebook and Twitter, luckily only the 'good parts' of both (if there's such a thing). Just like on Twitter we dont need to follow who ever following us. We could put our contact in to circles to differentiate what we could share with them. My friend said it's much faster than Facebook to share video's on Google+, I didnt really notice that though. It's also possible in Google+ to download what ever information you've put up online.

There are some bugs though, I opened up someone's profile and in the 'About' area it showed up my own. At first I thought "what was the odd?", but as I refreshed the page, the real input was loaded up.

Anyway, so far G+ got my vote.


Multibrand said...

Good to hear that Google+ got your vote.
Unfortunately I have not visit that site yet.

Tomorrow I will meet Colson, are you going to meet him too?

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triesti said...

I'm meeting him in a few hours.. see ya