Thursday, July 07, 2011

Fun Connections

Since the swelling went down, I met up an 'old' friend of mine at this event I attended for work. We've 'known' each other since 2005, consulted each other, talked on the phone every now and then, but had never met until today. Some guys thought the two of us work together. I showed him a picture of mine at the exhibition (I had nothing to do with the exhibition, I just found out that my pic was there just as surprised as I found out about my pic on a while back). He teased, but I told him because he's a friend I could give him my signature for free. It was fun hanging out with him. We bought some chocolates on the way out. I made him tasted chocolate chilli. We need to meet up again!

Then I went along with my family to find some food for my nephew. By food I mean olives and gherkin. I had such a good laugh in the car with my nephew.
him: how old are you?
me: 10
him: no, you'are not.
me: why not?
him: you are taller for a 10 y.o.
me: how old am I then?
him: 17!
me: yay!

Got home, I chatted with this Balinese guy to wish him 'Happy Galungan' and was told about Balinese names that always confuse me. It feels like every 4th person is a Nyoman or Made. He told me that in order to differentiate him to the others, in his village they know him as Made Jakarta (it used to be Made Jerman when he lived in Germany). As he now has kids, they call him Pan Dhava (father of Dhava-his first born), his dad is now known as Pekak Pandu (grandfather of Pandu -his first grandkid). Funny thing was, when I asked what about calling someone who has great grandchildren, he couldnt recalled what to call great grandfather. It is interesting as I heard in Arabic culture the father is also called as the father of his kid such as Abu Abdul (father of Abdul), I wonder if they also change his nickname after having a grandchild. Yes @Hning, you'd better correct me in this one.

Despite a bit of itchiness & dizzyness, it was a good fun day.

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