Monday, January 30, 2012

Un-Bucket List

1. Run a marathon.
I dont get why people put running a marathon on their Bucket list. Running 42km is nuts in my book. I look at those runners and ask: Why? 

2. Bungee Jumping
Sadly, since I get dislocated easily I had to crossed bungee jumping from my to do list. That being said, I still want to parachute jumping one day.

3.  Facelift
Or any unnecessary-non-life-and-death surgery. I've been warned about it by my doctor. Apparently my chance of having connective tissue damage due to surgery is rather big. Thank gawd I'm Asian, most of the time so far people thought I'm younger than I really am. Hopefully it stays like that for ever. 

4. Bucket list 
I choose not to worry about Bucket list. Just be happy with what I have and stop being hang-up about things that I want. 

5. Twilight Saga
I lost two hours of my life watching the first Twilight movie on telly. Two hours that I'll never get back. Never again. I watched it because I want to see what was this hoopla about. I dont get the fuss of a story about a girl whose sole problem is choosing a boyfriend. 

6. Swimming with sharks
Seriously? Havent you heard of Jaws? Plus, I'm not fan of open water. I'd rather fly up in the sky than doing anything in the sea. 

7. Have a cat
Not a cat person, thank you very much. 


colson said...

Reading the list I fully agree with you. Maybe for different reasons though (I'm not into extreme sports like 1, 2 and 5). The Bucket list and Twilight Saga are unknown territory to me - and I prefer to keep it that way.

No need for Facelifts and Botox indeed; not for people in their right mind. And anyhow too late and hopeless for me.

By the way I would like to emphasize I did notice you look very pretty and young :).

And cats? They don't like me any better than I like them.

triesti said...

@colson thank you, you always manage to make my day.. and this time even my phlegm-full week.