Monday, September 30, 2013


If you can't explain it simple, you don't understand it well enough - Einstein

I've had my share of dealing with some form of legal writing. In Bahasa Indonesia, English or Dutch. Most of the time, the Anglo Saxon writes the most direct in their legal writing. I've been trying to translate this notarial deed from Dutch which is the worst I've seen so far.

I feel like I do more research than translating. 

Seriously, legal lingo is hard enough as it is, and the guy has managed to upped it several notch. Ouwehoeren to the max. 

Why do they do that? Why legal people need to use archaic very long sentence in their writing? Is it a form of showing off? Covering you clients behinds doesnt have to be this complicated, people!


colson said...

I guess most professional disciplines tend to develop their own secret language. It's partly for the sake of the subject's complexity, partly for showing off, but mostly for creating barriers against outsiders ( especially clients).

T.A. said...

I guess so.. but it also creates loopholes.