Monday, September 23, 2013


I needed two things done today, the first is getting this logo print out as cheap possible for templates and getting this file translated by today.

The file I have to translate is about 50 pages in Dutch and located in Sumatra. They need it ASAP. Or so they say back on Thursday. I cleared up Friday through Sunday last week to do it. Guess what? I still haven't received the original file until this tonight!!  I texted my friend about it every work day, and kept getting reply that his staff is going to send it. This afternoon he said the said staff just finished scanning them and will send them. Seriously? It took Thursday, Friday and Monday (I have no idea if they work on Saturday) to scan only 50 pages? Might as well you send the original by mail and our office boy could do it in less than one day. If scanning 50 pages takes 3 days, how long do you expect me to translate the whole thing ASAP? 

Next, the logo thing. Back in December we lost our shipment of two custom-made tablecloths to KL using a well-known shipping company. After a back and forth emails, they agreed to refund everything. Now I have to make two other custom-made tablecloths again. To do that I need to blow up this logo into 18cmx90cm in several A4s format before I could take it to the maker. Simple, right? Thinking I still need to finish my report, I asked our office boy to print them at a well-known, overpriced printing shop in Jakarta which located next door. He came back saying that they couldn't do that, and we need to do it at their HQ! What?? Again, seriously? It's a simple print job using photoshop or any DTP program. I ended up doing it myself in the office in less than 30 minutes.

What's up with these people? Those are simple things, why do you make it so difficult? 


colson said...

This is great. You just reminded me how happy I am now.

I'd almost forgotten about times when being dependent on others to do my job properly, sometimes drove me insane. Sartre's "Huis clos" reality: "l'enfer c'est les autres'.

It's all behind me :).

I feel sorry for you though. Hope, no I'm actually sure, it all will turn out right in the end. It usually does, isn't it?

PS; Do I owe that fine book to you?

triesti said...

:) you know me...

colson said...

Mysterieus? Multi-interpretabel?

T.A. said...

Do you like the book? I think it's better written (in Bahasa Indonesia) than the rainbow troop.