Sunday, May 16, 2010

Full Circle

This is one of my happier places. It's still as ugly and dirty as it was eons ago, with an 'improvement' of having 3 airco's, a projector and a better sound system. The guy in the front left is even dirtier than ever. I seem to recall someone gave him a name, but I cant recall the name. If I remember correctly,those benches have been witnessing generations with dreams going back from the colonial periods to these days.

Going back there, and sat on one of those bench brought back wonderful memories.
That day it felt like a full circle.


colson said...

And what about your dreams??

PS; The guy in in the front left may have been gathering dust, but also proves skeletons who persevere may breed immortality.

triesti said...

It started with a dream of moving to NL, but it keeps changing

colson said...

Goed idee, die oorspronkelijke droom. Ik zou een persoonlijke kennismaking prettig vinden, dus als je komt nodig ik je bij voorbaat uit voor een hap en drankje. Dus welkom, welkom.

triesti said...

Ik ook. of in NL of in Ind.