Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Official

In the last six months I've been to three weddings. After each one there's a rumor going around about me and a certain guy. By 'guy' I mean whoever I was with, or talk extensively during the whole thing.

Back in October it was the 'next year' whatever.

Two weeks ago, I was acting as my mom's best friend's eldest son's date (confuse? me too) and was told to be in the family picture too. My distant cousin and distant aunts teased me about it. The way I see it, I was just doing a favor, I've been in his position back in October. For what I've been through with the whole kebaya and not enough sleep, I might as well be on any pictures!

Last night, I met up an old pal from NL, N, at another wedding. We talked, laughed, commiserated with each other, took some pictures together, and made a deal to hang out together. Then some aunt was talking about N and moi.

I guess it's official, each time I go to a wedding, I'd be with a different guy, and there's going to be rumor about us. Might as well enjoy it and makes every one guessing. Dont they realized, not even mama Lauren knew..


colson said...

Yeah, right, but by all means don't care about daft gossip when it comes to relationships. However do you mind telling:is this guy N a possible pal for lifelong companionship??

In retrospect I think it was quite odd (a) we/I back then were so eager to lose our "single" status and ( b) we/I carefully picked those girls/boys to fall in love with who we/I thought the parents ( or at least friends and relatives) would disapprove of.

(In my case it turned out surprisingly well: when I ultimately got hooked up with my then devastating but unlikely choice, my parents in stead of being shocked,just loved her. Talking 1959 here!)

triesti said...

Hahaha.. I honestly dont know. I was trying to match him with a cousin of mine. but then the very same cousin has this theory that the one who plays match making is the one who get matched. Que sera sera:)

yeah.. I've been dating mostly with guys from different religions that before he died, my father said: as long as he's a believer. :D