Saturday, May 29, 2010

Going Dutch

This month has been interesting with a Dutch theme. I guess you can take a girl out of Lowland, but you cant take Lowland out of a girl.

I've been dealing with some Dutch companies, and reconnected with some of my friends from Lowland. It's been super busy, but fun.

The nicest surprise was when MvO, my fave flat mate, called me on my birthday. So happy to hear his voice & talking to him again. The last time we talked was after my dad passed away. He was surprised that I still speak Dutch! One fact about MvO that I found very interesting statistically: Both of his parents and I share the same birthday. As I was his only flat mate ever, what are the odds for someone living only with people with the same birthday like him?


colson said...

Going Dutch both job-wise and boy-wise reads like awfully promising. Schiphol is on the horizon. Or am I fantasizing and jumping to conclusions?

triesti said...

I keep my options open :) But from I heard so far for next several months the theme still stands