Monday, October 17, 2011

Hot vs Cold

I think at this moment Jakarta has 4 suns. It is that hot! Last Saturday I took 4 showers. On Sunday, before going to my dance class I took a shower with ice water, as soon as I got there (and not even started dancing) I wanted to take another shower!

M said it was 6 degrees in lowland on Friday. Sanders' status was about him needing Winter jacket.

I had never thought I'm going to say this, but I long for the coldness of lowland. So. Much.


colson said...

I thought it was ( too) hot in July, so now if it's even hotter, is it must be hellish.

Actually I have to agree with you -though your friends exaggerated about the cold. It has been cold a few nights, but in daytime we had a few fabulous weeks( after three months of gloomy, rainy weather that is) Starting last Thursday we had a lot of sun, hardly winds and swell temperatures around 15 degrees Celcius in daytime ( the nights were pretty cold though). Actually this is indeed the kind of weather I prefer: fresh, clean air and a lot of sun. One more reason to take a plane :).

PS: English weather-forecasters predicted a cold winter in this area of the world...

triesti said...

@colson, not only the Brits, but Irish forecasters predicted it would be snowing in Ireland and the UK at the end of Oct! These days even in the morning the sun is piercing my skin.

Oh 15 with sun and no wind, blue sky, the best weather! Send the ticket, will ya :)