Saturday, December 10, 2011

Arisan! (2)

I was bored so I went to see Arisan!2 yesterday because P wanted to see it. I didnt read any review before. I remembered back in Lowland when I saw it I didnt find Arisan! that good. I felt the story of Arisan! was 'forced', the acting was exaggerated. I didnt think it reflected Indonesian. At least, Indonesian that I knew. So, I went not expecting anything.

As it turned out, Arisan! 2 was funny. We laughed how Meimei coming back from 2-months-retreat in (Gili Trawangan) island and not that tanned, how we wished it was the same for us. I laughed how comical the way they depicted how a dermatologist works. Rio Dewanto as Octa did great and stole a lot of scenes.

And since I live in Big Durian now, I've met some people just like the ones were depicting in the movie. I've eavesdropped Jakartan socialites before and I laughed out watching similar mannerism in Arisan!2. I found the script is more natural than the first one, perhaps it is because I've heard/been part of similar conversations.

The movies tries to tackled a wide variety of issues, from LGBT to street vendors usage of plastic in the cooking oil, which I think dilutes the messages. Some tiny details escaped such as Meimei wearing sleeveless top at Borobudur during a Waisak is, to my knowledge, a faux pas.

After watching it we've decided where our next get away will be: Borobudur during Waisak, because we both had goosebumps watching the lanterns go up.

ps: I watched Arisan! again, and still like Arisan!2 better.


colson said...

Though read about Arisan before, I had to visit Wiki to help my memory.

Two questions.

As the first one made history by showing two kissing men, did this Arisan2 also have a storyline dealing with homosexuality in the stride?

And why do you think wearing a "sleeveless top" at Waisak is not done? What can be wrong with bare arms and shoulders?

triesti said...

@colson, Yes the story still deals with homosexuality.. this time the kissing are more visible. In the first one you only see the back of the head of one of the actors, this time you see lips locking.

My Buddhist friends and a Buddhist monk taught me to cover up upper arms and shoulders, wear loose fitting clothing that covers below the knees around the temple/meditation area, and when sitting in front of the monks, cover up the crotch area if we are wearing pants. It's the same thing when you go to the Vatican you have to cover up the shoulders and upper arms. I was told it's about not distracting people. I figure when in Rome...