Thursday, December 01, 2011


Between Euthanasia
and Bahasa Indonesia
Drop me a line
so I can pick up that line


colson said...

This reads like a sad poem. Associations like "killing me softly" ( a song) or "the year of living dangerously", pooped up.

But this line you asked for... Tough.

Well, here we go..

Rather than being suicidal respectively contemplating a mild death or choosing a treatment by linguistic fluoxetine, sertraline or nefazodone, it most likely is just a natural and gradual stage in the metamorphosis to the still young language's maturity.

colson said...

OMG. Another one. Typo. Not "pooped up" :). I meant "Popped up"

triesti said...

@colson, thanks :). Actually I was talking about euthanasia procedure that someone just started in NL that we hope to be able to stop by help of someone that I'm waiting for.

colson said...

Stupid me. Sorry

triesti said...

@colson, no, you are not. It's amazing what you wrote. I did wrote it in such way, thinking it was less harsh. Because even though I am pro euthanasia, I still think it should be the last thing to do.. while this person was just getting a short cut.

colson said...

Thank you.

Let's hope a sensible solution tot this sensitive life-and-death issue can be found in time.