Friday, December 09, 2011

What A Difference A Day Make

Yesterday's The Jakarta Post headline: Jakarta is a safe city: criminologist
Today's The jakarta Post headline: Jakarta 2011: A ‘sick society’

Conclusion: Jakarta is a safe city of a sick society

Seriously, I agree with the second article. I dont feel safe in Jakarta, people are too stress about about day to day survival. All my life, each time I had sexual harassment it happened in Indonesia, most of them occured in Jakarta. I've never been angrier before I moved back to Jakarta. I've never felt more frustrated about the society I live(d) in. Like someone once said, they are my people. If I want them to change, it's better to do it within them.

One baby step at a time, as long as my sanity permits me.


colson said...

Probably, well no absolutely, like in Hamlet's Denmark, there still is something ( quite a lot actually) rotten in the country and the metropolis. It is not quite Geneva or Saint Tropez.

Yet I guess our perception indeed tends to be critically distorted. We all want to be our in-group to meet the highest standards:

"Like someone once said, they are my people".

triesti said...

@Colson Geneve is too far away.. a decent public transport like in KL would be nice.