Monday, December 05, 2011

Dahlan Iskan & Public Transport

Years ago I saw on telly (I think it was BBC) a series where CEO's works their way from bottom to top in one week. For example, for a fast food chain the guy starts their week sweeping the floor at on of their store, then move up to making the food, etc.

I always wish that those who are high up in our public sectors would do the same in order to improve our public facilities. My biggest wish is for Foke to take a TransJakarta in incognito during rush hours without any special privileged.

My wish is partially granted today as Mr Dahlan Iskan, minister of State Own Enterprises, took KRL, the Jakarta commuter train by himself during rush hour. Apparently even those who are high up in PT KAI were not allowed to accompany him!

Now, that's my kind of minister. Let's hope he also try TransJakarta.

Update: Apparently he took TransJakarta from Dukuh atas to BI Thamrin then walked to his office at Medan Merdeka Selatan before lunch hour. At least he saw how rickety the bus on that route.


colson said...

This fellow blogger said "That's my minister" the moment he became minister:(

Now you say the same ::"that's my kind of minister".

It looks like he is one of "a few good men ( and women)", indeed.

(Though the cynic in me whispers: isn't he just building a popular image? )

triesti said...

@colson, if you read Bahasa Indonesia, you can read his own blog. He is the odd man out. We'll see if he walks the walk.