Thursday, December 08, 2011

Online Hunting

I've never met my paternal grandfather. He'd passed away before my parents even met.
For more than half of my life I only saw a painting of him. Not a very good one, I might add.
People says he looked a bit like one of my uncles.

Then one night in the cold low land in 2006, I googled him.
There it was, flashing on my screen, his first ever picture I'd seen.
When my dad visited me, I showed him that picture. He'd never seen it.

Tonight, I did the same thing, I googled him.
Guess what? I found another picture but I couldn't find that previous one.
This time I saw part of him in my dad.

The wonder of internet, because of it one gets to see one late grandfather 'new' picture!


Setyo-Utomo Said said...

Interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

colson said...

It's moving and wonderful.

Did your grandfather spent time in the Lowlands? (Though I know Google doesn't mind geography, you did hit upon his first photo in the Low lands after all.)

By the way.. My paternal grandmother died long before I was born. And there were only one or two photos ( I still have one by the way). But, I've to confess I never developed any warm emotional feelings towards her. Just a name.

I wonder is it a nasty character flaw of mine to be emotionally blank towards relatives I've never known, or is it just human?

triesti said...

@Setyo-Utomo thanks!

@Colson He didnt but he went to AMS Batavia. Like you, I dont have any emotional connection, in fact my dad talked little about him. The first time I googled him was after I met this guy who knew him and said his role model was my grandfather... he told me to write about him. I couldnt tell the guy that he knew more than I did! I do how ever have this curiosity about my maternal great grandmother, but that's another story. :D