Saturday, August 06, 2011

Banten Judges & Bylaw

It's been years since Banten becoming a province of its own. It used to fall under West Java province. However, more of then than not, all I've heard one incredibly stupid story after another from that province, especially with regards the law.

Years ago they arrested a female teacher because she was thought as a prostitute. According to their bylaw, females are not allowed outside the house after certain hours. Those who are outside were deemed as prostitute.

Then we have several corruption cases that ended up really laughable.

Now, they gave murders of Ahmadiah less jail sentences than their abuse victim.

Seriously, Banten judges & their law are incredible. It seems like common decency, moral and ethics are no where to be seen in the province. All of it is ironic considering they are rather famous as in of the area where people are very religious.

Oh wait, sorry for my mistake. Being religious and having common decency are two different things in this land, especially in Banten.


colson said...

That's another inconvenient truth: an extra quantum of piousness often doesn't result in an extra quantum of decency, but rather produces an extra quantum of bigotry.

After earlier on I scratched Lombok from my "places to visit" (again)because of an overdose of bigotry, I know have eliminated Banten :(.

triesti said...

Let's go to Toraja.. where they acknowledge 5 genders while it still lasts :)

Harry Nizam said...

The court's verdict clearly show lack of law enforcement.
Killing is killing no matter what the reason is.
This will surely inspire other killings by violent people.

The worst thing is that the foreign minister defended the verdict by saying this is an internal affairs of Indonesia and asked foreign countries not to interfere.

colson said...

@ triesti: Five??????

triesti said...

@colson, we;; actually bugis, not toraja.. but it's close enough geographically. yupe Bugis is more modern any civilization in that part:
gender: women, men, calabai (false woman), calalai (false man), plus meta gender: bissu
sex: male, female, hermaphrodite

All LBGT supporter would've love living in such society.

triesti said...

@harry I agree with you.. what marty did was unbelievable. I heard that he's smart, but ever since he's in charged all we've been making too many stupid mistakes in the international world.

Either he is stupid or he didnt stand up for what he believes and making a fool of himself.