Monday, August 15, 2011

Random Things

There are estimated 7.1 million people in Jakarta who are going home to rural areas/other cities at the end of this Ramadan. In the city of 12 million people, missing 7.1 million with their 4.1 million vehicles (motorcycles and cars) is going to be a bliss. Stay at your home longer, please! And, if you insist to come back, leave your vehicle over there!!

I'm not keen on Facebook. The other day while I was on it after answering a message, I stared at one of the key persons in Nazarudin case personal phone number. I dont even know the guy, but there it was on my Facebook. See, why I'd rather be at google?

Just received an invitation for a farewell party at the embassy in Singapore, but I couldnt get any (relatively decent price) flight back because it was the same time as when everyone getting back to Jakarta after the Lebaran/end of Ramadan break. One airline offers a flight for the price of a ticket to Europe. Madness.

I've decided I'm not going to follow Nazaruddin case, because it's too fishy. To be honest, I dont see why he must be in Indonesia to prove his points. It is those who he accused of who need to prove that they are innocent. Why spending that much money only on Nazar, while nothing is seemed to be done against Nunun, Anggodo and plenty others in Singapore.

Indonesian and the US governments need to listen to Buffet.


colson said...

I can relate to your wish people stay where they are after they've left Jakarta :). I'm afraid though they will return ( and take some friends with them).

By the way (1): I for one would regret if you would ignore further developments in the Nazaruddin, Nunun etc cases.

By the way (2): Warren Buffet writes interesting stuff. As for taxes I tend to agree. Though even much more drastic tax-measures and more abandonment of the crazy philosophy of less and lesser government than he suggest, are necessary and make sense (if they want an efficient police organization, safe bridges, good roads, reliable levies, humane healthcare etc).

triesti said...

@colson do you think they will listen to buffett and increase tax? Someone said it wont help much. I said, at least it helps.