Saturday, August 20, 2011

Keep Your Enemies Closer

Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer
Sun Tsu

I learnt this the hard way ages ago, when a frenemy back stabbed me. I ended up reading Sun Tsu and Machiavelli to understand the situation at the time and avoiding mixing with fellow countrymen as much as I could. Too much drama.

When I was dabbling for a stint in politics, someone told me that in politics it is very normal that one day you are rivals and the next you are friends. I was naively interpreted that as you might have different point of views but can still be civilized. Boy, was I wrong. There were a lot of back stabbing going on. Care only for number one. Period.

Lately I've seen how some (seasoned) politicians made some rocky mistakes like I did back then, which surprised me, actually. It's a dirty world politics. We need to pick our battle to win the war by understanding who our enemies are, what makes them tick. When you find yourself in situation where you might have the right reasonings of what you are doing but if it was executed poorly, your enemy might chew you up. Hence, keep your enemies closer.

In politics your image is very important, do anything in your power not to jeopardized it. There are plenty people out there who are waiting for your down fall. Schadenfreude is very human. Remember that.


triesti said...

today's quote is so fitting: If I take care of my character, my reputation will take care of me.
Dwight L. Moody

colson said...

Striking, though sad, truth. Backstabbing actually is a so very intrinsic human trait that it isn't restricted to politics. In my lifetime I've seen it happen in the workplace, in the family and even in voluntary organizations.

On the other hand though people are definitely able to commit a lot of foul play, they fortunately also often show acts of compassion, generosity and self-sacrificing.

Having said all that, I for one want to cherish the last remnants of my innocence. Moreover it is too fatiguing at my age I guess to be too suspicious and on my guard all the time. I rather take the risk and blunder occasionally into the trap of embracing a snake.

And well, reputation ...In as long as my next to kin still care for me ... :)

triesti said...

It is very human, but there are more of backstabbing in the politics than in other areas.

politicians need to have a good reputation, no?